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2013-03-09 19:45:44 (UTC)

He Hates me

He is yelling again that he hates my guts...now he is singing it..its a typical day..Yesterday I shovelled the snow off tthe trailers at the shop everybody thinks I have it good but my life is scummy and trashy..I dont get any money or even a coffee he controls everything and spends a 100.oo a day on pot he smokes and sleeps and yells at me....I have noone that I know my family lives in the states and they are going through there own things my father lost his foot and part of his lower leg about a month ago and that ordeal went on five years and we never talk anymore out of sight out of mind..he slept with my only friend and now we are no longer friends.He flirts with woman that come into our shop and then tells me there sluts or that he doesnt they are to him..We havent had sex in over a year and hes been sleeping in my sons room for at least 5 months before that he slept on the couch..He smokes a lot of pot..I read this and it makes me grossed out but its true..I dont get any gifts for any holidays because he doesnt buy into holiday scams...I managed to save 600. and he needed to borrow it never paid me back..He was married before and his wife left and got hooked on drugs and is a prostitute now...Been raising there daughter since she was in grade 3 she is now done school...she works doesnt make alot around 11.00 hr doesnt pay rentt etc...helps out with paperwork...We never have food in the house when we do its gone in days I try to get through a day without fighting but its been years well since my friend and him screwed around when she was waiting for her husband to get a liver transplant my ex-friend did this alot<I didnt know because I'm not from here... and he was always hitting on peoples wives not attractive women in any means but he would grind on there legs tell them how great they are( he prob screwed them too he never was with us>..we use to live in a town an hour away and he was never home we never ever had groceries or money we had to wait for him to bring food its all so scummy...then I find out he was lending a man that had a roofing company 15000.00 He takes me nowhere except to work he checks out everyone...I pray for the day that someone smashes his face in for hitting on there girlfiend or wife...The bank is a nightmare to go into because hes been flirting with the women then tells me they are all whores that are trying to find husbands but its him and I dont buy his lies anymore...he trash talks me to my son and tells me that my son is lying that he never does my son is 23 I never see him he works at our other location and hates it...so theres so much more

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