deanne and Connor

our dialog
2013-03-09 12:49:47 (UTC)

Superb Saturday

After a bit of a rocky start to our visit i must say that it only got better. The very thought of wearing a chain on a leather collar and being plopped down in Your yard to suck both You and Your friend Bryan was an extreme turn-on and then when you both splattered my face with cum i was over the edge excited.

When You then pushed me onto my back and made me masturbate for the two of You i was soooooo aroused that after just a minute or two of rubbing my clit and fingering my cunt with my middle finger that my whole body spasmed.

Thank You for an incredible time. i enjoyed every moment of servitude and being the center of pleasure for both of You.

Your devoted cunt


rocky starts happen for U/us sometimes but your quasi-suggestion that you leave was more disturbing. However, I think you understood My analogy and My explanation that barring some HUGE transgression, you aren't ever going to told to leave one of our sessions early. We "pay" for this time with our rl work during the week and the reservations are non refundable!

you tuned in perfectly to what I had in store for you and thus it was another erotic page in our book of sensual encounters. I was VERY pleased with your cock sucking and your clit play. A good orgasm was had by all (even Bryan in absentia).

See you tomorrow My dirty cuntling! Good job on getting the diary entry updated. Now you still owe Me an explanation of your homework assignment this past week.


(Master stands corrected that the explanation was in last post)