Oh , gosh what had i become ..
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2013-03-09 03:41:53 (UTC)

It only been 1month..

It, already been one month since my ex dump me..
Am still going nut about him , even thought he already moved on and found someone new.
that just made me think those 10months he wanted to grow those balls and ask me out.. telling me he liked me sooo much ect..
was just b.s for him? how he just left me like shit on the grown.
Ugh, it sucks how he live's close my me aye dio's.
nino , why you had to come my life and break me .. i still like you.. i still do and it blow's that you tell me were just friend's now that i need to find someone out there that am pretty cute, adorable, weird , funny, .
Is just i really dont want anyone else .
Am , just sorry for becoming a total bitch in the end how i made you cry how i made you cut yourself you didit wanted me out of your life never.
but now you do we only talk once's a while Am fucking lucky if i even get a text for you am lucky to even see you out of your house..
i just , miss you .. i miss us <|3