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2013-03-08 16:59:43 (UTC)

Don't know anymore, about me...

Don't know anymore, about me...

well I did great on the presentation, don't know what's the grade but, I don't really care anymore... Sorry?
today I could think clearly I was nervous as fuck, today I can honestly say I'm this two damn weeks were so damn racket!... Now I'm still losted...nothin' really changed for me...
I spoken too amber & Alisha I tell how i was today but there good.. Amber has her own words to be boute about so, don't take to heart..
lately I my attitude hasn't been the greatest... I keep my distance how I feel about girls & liking them.
I notice & slowly understand why I couldn't choice the topic for my senior project again... so I understand..
just want cry alot more, than all the years.. few mins ago I got done with my fave show than any other show
early in the morning before I gotten to class I was going to cry but, I couldn't for two reasons that they will think something up or think I'm sick... I couldn't do it thou but, did try...
haven't been able to get Vivian off my mind today, I was a Bt'ch to her last night but, had affected me all day... My depression is controlling me & now that I have anexity to the point you see through me..

my family doesn't know what happen over the summer in the house, this weekend is question in itself soo.. I don't know how'll feel tonite at midnight owl
I love this new name Maddi it's mine that I can keep within me without sorrow..
today was terrible & this has been emotional 2nd week from the break a week ago..
so say nothing, nothin really important to tell you in...