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2013-03-08 04:48:33 (UTC)

I am not that stupid!!!!!

I really loveD Trent. Realize how I capitalized the d. So he calls my up and at the end of the call he is like I love u Sarah. So I'm smart and just hang up. Then I'm talking to my buddy Laufton, and he is like I really wanna beat up Trent. I was like WHY??!?!?! And he was like you know my girlfriend Bella? I was like ya. He was like he talked to her on the phone and at the end of the call he told her he loved her!!! I was like o really? And he was like he keeps asking her out even though he knows I'm still dating her. I was like he told my he loved me! What a man whore! But that was mean and I shouldn't have said that, but seriously how stupid!