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2013-03-08 04:24:37 (UTC)

Play it cool

So much happened today! This morning I went to school and had to drop something off at one of my teachers rooms. I start walking and I see Camden! I say hi and he tells me he wants to drop off the thing with me. So we talk all the way there and he opens the door for my! I say thanks and we walk in and I open the door he steps in front of my and opens it! I'm like thanks, and we go back up the stairs and he goes all the way to the other side of the hallway and opens the door for me I say thanks and I walk into my class and he didn't even come in, he went out of his way to open the door for me!!! What a gentlemen!!!! Trenton never does thAt! So then I go to my friends house and I see Camden there! So I go outside with my friend and we talk. Then I ask him why he doesn't like gabby and he told me because I love Kyley. I was like oh... That's cool lol. And he was like and she loves me too. I was like okay I will tell gabby, and then I was like well why don't u ask her out and he said i don't know I guess I haven't got the. Apps to do it yet. At that moment I wanted to cry, the pain was so deep into my heart. It was agonizing and I was so hurt, but life continued so I did the only thing I could thing of at that time, and play it cool. I did that for a little while longer and then guess who. Alled? The last person On this earth my dad would want me to talk to? CAMDEN!!! He was like Sarah will you come back outside I'm bored, I was like I'm busy, which wasn't a lie for the 1st time I actually was, I was making Lemmon Bars. So i told him layer and my friend doesn't like him so she gave me the look so I said wait never mind I can't. Every bone in my body wanted to race out there and hug him. But I wouldn't do that and I couldn't.

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