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2013-03-07 19:41:55 (UTC)

rain, mixed emotions... very..

rain, mixed emotions... very out of it, ugh...
Dam! Presentation tomorrow, so NOT ready I'm freaking out
.. Besides that so over presenting I'm okay, cuz I'm dam, lying about that...
Anyway I texted two or three friends but, only few replied back...
it was so hard to focus cuz this damn weather... so damn stress out...
so now... I'm taking a big break so I get some doubts out the way..
I don't know if I well enough to do this presentation on fuckin' Frankenstein , boring is not the word for this book, but it's fits for now
I'm doing chapter 18: it's basically about victor and the monster wants a partner, than later understands that his own relationship with Elizabeth isn't the great so later decides to go home & try's to reconnected with is fatter & explain why this long distance & abandonment from the sorrow & guilt what happen to William & Justine innocence.. then taking alot travel time to lift his spirits up with is creation of the monster that changed him forever ... There's way more I'm NOT going into it right now...

Today was so hard to do anything without fallen a sleep ..
so I'm stay up & study my ass off tonite so I know every damn faceted so I do will
Wish me luck tomorrow, I really fucken need it..
Don't ask me, why? But I read Vivian texts nothing really good that I say without being a Bt'ch about it,
So I don't know how'll feel tomorrow I just don't know
Well I went to two libraries, still couldn't find the book I was looking for ugh
Wht a fuckin up week
Nothing really else to say, than see ya?!