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2013-03-07 05:20:12 (UTC)

hope i am human

• I'm damn Lucky !!.. Cuz I woke up today without a pain, therefore I’m Luckier then most of the people.. Cuz I’ve never known the danger of war, loneliness of Prison, therefore I’m better of then 500 million people in this world.. I can go anywhere without persecution, therefore I’m luckier then 3 Million people in this world.. Most of my needs are covered, therefore I’m richer then 75% of the rest of the world.. I can see my parents growing older, therefore I’m almost unique.. I smile and appretiate life, therefore I’m lucky Cuz most of people can but they DON’T.. I’m able to write above lines and READ it, therefore I’m lucky Cuz more then 2 Million people cannot do this.. So, forget ABOUT ME and tell me aren’t you Lucky enough?