Salina's Journal
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2013-03-07 03:18:05 (UTC)

I seen him @ price rite .-.

Okeii so like there's supposed to be a huge snow storm or something where I live for the next 3 days && there's a chance of the power going out. So me && mom had to do some house cleaning && then we went to the gym. After we went to price rite to go food shopping. On my way inside some one from the parking lot yells hi Susan but since I need glasses I couldn't see who it was. Instead of just being normal and saying hi back. Something gave me the urge to just run in the super market, so I did. Then while I was at the cashiers we had to wait there for like 25 minutes cause some lady's food got scanned wrong. Then ours went by quick && it all came up to 74$!!! That's amazing *.* But anyways yeah when I went outside back to my car. I seen the lady that was in front of us in line. && guess who was in her car. My ex. That was his mom! Then I got so nervous I dropped like 5 cans && did things the wrong way then when my ex was on his way to put his shopping-cart away my mom was like " Gosh, getting nervous when you see a boy." Then I ran away to put my cart away && got back in the car. When I was in the car I just kept denying it :3 Then I told my mom that he has a girlfriend && she was like "Oh. so you know him?" && I said yeah he's in all my classes besides reading.&& then we started talking about it for like 5 minutes. yeah it was pretty awkward... But the worst part, I looked like a bum!!! I mean like I just came out of the gym && my hair was mess && I had baggy sweatpants on w/ the ugliest pair of shoes I own .-. But yayyy he said he's gonna buy me Jordan'/s for my birthday ;D..... Which is in December... :(

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