always wth love

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2013-03-06 06:14:40 (UTC)

don't know what happen to me

Don't know how tell, you guys...
this but don't know?? What happen to me?? I mean I think I do but I'm not sure, if you can understand that...
I mean it's like I'm not who I became about..
it does really make sense -
... Well I started off saying this... In the morning I was fully wake but I didn't want to open my eyes this time, but when I finally have right mind set; I was very confused
I don't know what's going on with me, I kinda wish I knew
Now that I have been depressed I been havin alot of arguments with people, ugh
I don't know...I don't want go to school or even talk to anyone at all
I know that very snobing but, that's what I want to happen today
... Have you guys hear this song it's very beauitful it's called 'Free Falling' by John Mayor.. It's one of my faves
I also love Linkin' Park, there music is good as well...
I might let you guys in my next one...
I don't know?? I won't keep a promise because I know wont keep it..I know that now?? I been lying alot to myself, lately..
so it's a no! for the next one, sorry :(
Ugh, bye :(