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2013-03-05 22:54:50 (UTC)

Hosting a crab fest

I'm hosting a crab fest this Saturday. It's not for profit and I have to front the money for around 30 crab. There's going to be 52 people. I don't know how the heck I'm going to fit that meany people here. Good thing the weather finally is going to warm up so we're going to be able to use the backyard.

Lisa is actually going to come. She is cute and I hinted to her and she hinted back that she isn't ready for dating. Figures. Anyway, I caught the hint and walked away from her at the last party. So what does she do? She follows me around that night. I just walked away politely again.

Then she signs up for my crab fest party this Saturday and tells me I'm funny and make her laugh. This is getting to be typical of women lately. I take interest, and they respond with a no thanks. So I leave them alone and them come back and want the attention. This is the game I guess. Better to be in it then standing around watching things happen.