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2013-03-05 15:54:45 (UTC)

speech from friends ( but I had block out)

Hey I'm home, well I was home for a while, I was busy...
today was so stupid,fucked up & racket all in one, I was soo didn't want do anything at school
I gotta in argument with my school homie Alisha, ugh.. It's so irratin' I'm so tired of explaining this to her or anyone for that matter...
Last night did go well either, I had texted Vivian & nay nay, they are sayin same thing pretty much.. Everyone is say I need help! but I think I don't need any help.. So you can say I had another crappy day...
I felt like crying in the morning before I lefted the house and at lunch, I'm thinking itswill be better off not at all to talk and give them the damn cold shoulder
I know that's sounds pathetic but, that what I'm fuckin' thinking ..
Oh yea Alisha say the word pathetic straight to my fuckin' face I really had nothin to say; I was so pissed...
so I say if anyone depressed don't tell anyone your issues, it fuckin' sucks your friends will fuckin gang on you
so that's all I have to damn say about friends in general
.. right now! I should be doing my homework, but I don't have a good reason, to deny if
This really suck