2013-03-05 15:12:03 (UTC)

I Thought Maybe...

"Therapy" by All Time Low

I thought maybe she'd be able to tear herself away from facebook long enough to ask if I was okay.

Maybe they're just used to seeing me crying on the floor.

I don't do it to get their attention. I was trying to talk to her, to ask her to talk to me, but she sounded so disappointed in me.

They don't understand, I can't go to school. Maybe it's some psychological problem but I am not functioning properly, can't they tell? My sleeping schedule. I can't control it.

My emotions. Control? Hahaha. When have I ever controlled them?

My actions? I don't even know what I'm doing here. I haven't cut or wanted to in the longest time, I really just want this to end.

I want it over so bad because everything in my head changes so fast, and time changes, it goes from slowly to fast, the worst is when it goes slowly and quickly at the same time.

Everything, my thoughts are racing, and I don't, everything feels so... Moldable.

nOt me though.

The one days I REALLY needed, the one day I was DEPENDING on therapy, my appointment was canceled. I know she's sick but...

Oh god. So am I.