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2013-03-04 17:46:48 (UTC)

3/4/13 Mon

Supposed to go office early but didnt go to sleep until 6. Couldnt wake up early. Finally got up at 2. Looked one more house. SF dentist to clean teeth. Found many cavities. Also need replace the crown, total $2000. I rather go china do. Too late for tron check up.
Back to Hayward to pick them up to go dinner. They want Spanish so cam
e to the place Chris took me. Wasn't that good this time. Overorder again. Took leftover home. Not happy he wont even try the food I like.
Drop them off hotel. Back to Fremont. He got a call from boss asking him to go out. He didn't say if very quick or he is hanging out. I was pissed.
Tron stayed in car moaning for all this time.
Cant get online again should be my laptop problem.

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