2013-02-28 17:45:05 (UTC)

2/28/13 thurs

Went to sleep at 7 i think. Woke up before noon. Was gonna go drop off application but he got a call had to go work. So he calked cousin to come get me. Lucky he did otherwise dont know when im gonna get up. He came at 12:30. I was still sleeping but had to get up.
Rental office but they need ssn card also 1099, we had no choice but give up this one. Drop me home. Fed tron. Internet down on my mac. Called the fucking lawyer only left message like all other 100 times. Called tech cu have to pay late fee. Text with phil so tired of chasing money. Finally called his mom. But she said she was busy will call me tmrw. Im composing what I need say to her. Shower. So cold. Get in bed. Almost 6 he should come back soon.
Esther coming tmtw. Hope biz slow then I can ask fot days off.
Dada came. Got high. Had sex with him in room 7. Told him I'll call him tmrw afternoon so that he can let me go tonight.