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2013-03-04 06:09:12 (UTC)

3/2/13 Sat

picked me up. dada was so high, couldn't drive and wanted me to go with him. was "heart broken" on the texts again. well, whatever, not the first time wont be the last time. asked me if i wanted to go sing at milk tea place or wanted to eat. i wanted to eat the Thai leftover so we came home. ate leftover.

he went to work. got up. showered. ate Thai leftover again. did expenditures. he came back after 8. drop me off at Folsom.

Dada came again but didn't book the room with me b/c that bitch girl was fighting with the guy so he let her book for him. haven't had 4 tables for a long time but dada left to go work so didn't get tip from him. didn't even get tip the night before but luckily he bought a bag and i kept it and sold it back to him tonight.