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2013-03-04 05:52:18 (UTC)

3/3/13 Sun

picked me up to go Ruby. didn't go in b/c his fds all leaving. came to endup instead. the line was long, he didn't want go at first but we cut the line without even tipping so we went in.

saw his older friends. saw milk tea ppl. sat on the couch for a while. got a capsule from Gucci man. didn't even dance. lil fat wanted to leave so we left.

came home still high. called dad and talked a while. did more K. i took a shower, cleaned my asshole well and let him do my asshole for the first time.

couldn't sleep for a whole night, turning left and right. i think i did't sleep at all.

woke up at 2. he suggested to go look at a house. he did my asshole again. showered and left the house.

the house was too old and the the room is too small.

pho after. we both tired. Target bought more snacks. home.

taking this whole week off working and showing tw office girls around. hopefully my throat will get better and i can get lots of things done.

craving for wing stop, gonna go get togo later.

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