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2013-03-04 05:30:57 (UTC)

2/13/13 Wed

woke up in the afternoon. trying to decide if i should get a new phone or go shop for lil fat's gifts. wanted to buy a LV wallet for J but he said he didn't want. cookie was shopping at union square so i decide to meet her up hoping she would give me some advice. asked dada to come get me and drop me off. left my bag in his car.

couldn't decide if i should give him a Burberry watch or LV sneakers. cookie couldn't give any advice. hanging out with her is a big mistake. always my guys pay and i drive her around and we can't talk on the same level.

LV was closed so decided to come early tmrw and buy. dada had to eat at home. cookie took me to this shabu place--another mistake, couldn't compare with those buffet places. her so called bf dumped him over the phone when we were at dinner. i paid the bill again!

walked back to her small studio. talked to lil fat on the phone. not meeting him today because i need to go home and pack my stuffs and moving to fremont tmrw night. waited for dada to come get me. yelled at him for being late.