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2013-03-04 05:15:58 (UTC)

2/14/13 Thurs

Staying at home these 2 nights packing stuffs get ready to move to fremont. J came to pick me up after work. bought pizza.

Got up. packed car. came to the one on san bruno avenue as cookie suggested. couldn't find the one she talked about, so walked into a random one--big mistake. not only they couldn't root touch, the guy couldn't even curl my hair using the straight iron. i had to take out my own iron to curl.

drove to union square. bought burberry watch and lv shoes. drove to folsom, changed in car. waited for Chris.

Dinner at the Spanish restaurant. had my first Spanish rice, it was good. took me back to Foslom. called lil fat to wait for me outside so that i could walk in with him and not be late for work.

got my first Chanel bag gift! biz was slow, i had one other table. they wanted to leave to go to the karaoke place in oakland so i "bounced" the other table to leave him with him around 1

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