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2013-03-02 23:46:58 (UTC)


"Delicate" by Damien Rice

i want everything to be new and shiny, a bright future of long entries about happy things; At the same time, I don't want to let anything go. Come back, come back.

I hate you so much, but I can't live without you.

Depression is who I am. Nothing else.

I am not artsy. Or fashionable. Or pretty. Or anything I defined myself to be before.

I am someone who is always tired, whether or not I got enough sleep the night before. I am someone who has a hard time getting up... Ever. I am a person who hates the future, because she doesn't believe she has one.

I can't tell if I'm unique or if I'm just like everybody else.

I will update on if I have a disorder or not. We all know I have some sort of anxiety disorder that I don't know the technical name for and obviously, depression.

Well... Actually, I'm not so sure about the depression, really. there is another possibility. I guess I should be hoping it's only depression.

Either way, I'll be battling it for my whole life, right?