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2013-03-03 00:29:47 (UTC)

Boyz R Us

Dear Journal,

This weekend has definitely been filled with boys. However let me first start out with telling all of you judging motherlovers that I, Brooke Something, am not a sloot! I just happened to be chilling with all of the boys this weekend. And Sasha.

You see my parents are out of town. Sasha came home to take me to my tennis tournaments. (Don't worry y'all I'm not boring you with what happened tennis wise for this entry!) Sasha has been sweeter than usual. I don't know if that came out random. I just really liked her this weekend and I think she did too. I guess sister bonding the way the movies have it really do happen. Weird.

Anyway right now it's Saturday night and I've already considered the weekend to be over. So much has happened that at this point I'm just ready to pass out right after I finish this entry. Friday night I invited Esther and Bea over right after my tennis match. I also invited Qua, Josiah, Kevin, Clay, Lucas, and that's probably it. My sister allowed this to happen. My parents however don't know of this. It was a fun time though! Everybody had a good time.

The boy that I've liked the past couple of weeks.... okay maybe slightly for a year has finally kissed me. I don't care if this sounds corny. He's been head over heels for me too for a while. He's just perfect. I think I almost fell asleep lying on his chest tonight. He's just so comfortable and he smells good and his heart lulls me to sleep. Ughhhhh. However I got sick tonight so I couldn't kiss him. I only pecked him once because I mean.. it was just so tempting! Otherwise I didn't want him to get sick. He deserves not to get sick. I didn't think he cared about that as much, but I don't care. He understood soo...

Oops! I got a problem with Bea I must address to you. You see, right now she is really pissed at me. Why? Well, one night I started texting Kevin asking if he liked her. He said that he just saw her as a friend. And push comes to shove, Bea stole my phone without asking me and read those texts. She's mad I asked him without her permission. She's mad that I never told her. Basically she's just pissed at me. But honestly, friends are supposed to figure out if their 2-year-long-crush likes them back, right? I mean the boys and my girl friends have been hanging out a lot. I just needed to know so I could know if it was a good idea to push them together... and you know possibly have them form something! Plus I did tell her about Kevin not liking her! I blurted it out right before the guys came. I know for a fact Bea heard about that. Esther swears on it too.
And to be honest, Bea can't flirt anyway. It's not my fault. I've been trying to find her a guy to have a relationship for a while now. She has been asking me to help her, and so texting Kevin about that is considered helping!! She's being ridiculous. Oh, and she shouldn't have gone through my phone! She never lets me go through hers... and I mean we talked about her going through my phone without asking me. I hate it! Usually I'd be okay with it, but like I said she goes through ALL of my texts and I'm not allowed to go through any of hers!! Sorry... I'm just so furious with this chick. She's my best friend and everything, but she just pisses me off badly sometimes.

There's more about her, but I just don't want to go dwelling into it.
Basically this entry is about me sneaking boys over and the girls hanging out with them. And the fact that I kissed Lucas.
And the fact that Sasha and I bonded even more. Oh, and she left now. She went to go see her friends for the night and I'm keeping that a secret from my parents. She's keeping the whole boy thing over our house a secret, so I figured best to keep it hush.
And better remember to mention that I hanged out with one of my tennis friends, Priyan this weekend too during the tournament. I'm texting him now. He's really nice and funny. Lol. His name is Priyan. That just says it all. (And no that's not even an anonymous name I gave him! Lol. Sorry if you have that name. It's a cute name actually, it's just so different and unexpected you just have to chuckle. I'm living in frat country. Just understand me.)

And this is my weekend!!!

Signing off,
Brooke Something

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