always wth love

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2013-03-02 15:59:52 (UTC)

alone and I miss him

all my life I been alone, I don't remember a time I was with someone I knew... I was the girl who sing to herself so she won't be sad, I never had courage ,I never had a good friend that I could talk to until my high school my first year in school; even with that it didn't lasted...later of the summer 2012 he found me again on Facebook but, it didn't take along that I losted him again...
Truly miss him & he's only one that understand me the most, we drifted away from each others... So I never got say goodbye or gotten his number.. Even thou we stayed friends for only year that's only time I didn't feel weird or out of place with him NOT at all.. I was pure happy no sadness in me at all, I changed since than, now I'm girl who loves girls & now I'm not that innocent lil girl who's sing herself to be happy, she been dead & gone since the July 9th 2012 ... She now the girl who's has secrets to keep & words from her ex friend that can't leave her alone
she now been broken... & now she is depression and confused
She miss him alot more than anything else