always wth love

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2013-03-02 06:54:10 (UTC)

I won't think of you,I won't speak of you!

I won't think of you, I won't speak of you!
I said it into the mirror sound loud that I could hear it for myself
I said it proud & honestly
So I say right now!,I'm going to be happy again.. I'll get better in time & I know I will think of this words you say to me:" I'm not gay, I'm straight!".... I hear it in my head...
So I'm going to deal with people move on & making new friends
So yea, I'm damn going to try, but it's NOT worth crying over you
So I say goodbye to you soo many damn times... Today I'm NOT going think or speak of you!
I'm move on n' think of someone else or something better