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2013-03-01 18:17:09 (UTC)

"Beaten Down" by The..

"Beaten Down" by The Priddle Concern.

I guess I feel okay. Honestly, I'm a little down right now. i've been stressed and anxious all week, and I've had a constant headache.

I swear I meant to go to school today. My mom said she'd give me a ride, already I felt really tired and achy, so I asked if she could bring me second period, since I knew we weren't doing anything in Spanish. She said she would, so I took a nap on the couch... and woke up at 10. Mom told me to get ready, so I went upstairs and saw my parents bed, fell in it, and fell asleep. I remember my mom standing over me an hour or so later but I didn't actually wake up until noon.

Besides all that anxiety, I've felt very good, lately.

Pissed at my asshole dad, as usual.

Feeling guilty for having a mother like I do. As usual.

I'm not lonely. I feel good right now... Although I am having horrible mood swings. They aren't as severe as they were a couple months ago, so I think I'll be okay.

No crazy moods.

Look, I'm sorry this is boring but I have absolutely no motivation whatsoever to do anything, not even write which is my all time favorite thing to do other than read while listening to music.

I'm trying to keep this diary going to my friend Aaron will keep writing in hers, but omigod. I have nothing to say. I don't do anything, I have no motivation, I'm basically a vegetable. This is my life.

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