2013-02-28 11:50:45 (UTC)

2/25/13 Monday

stayed up all night watching movie and browsing online. had sex. he slept for one hour and i didn't.

left house at 7:30 to drop off tron tron. traffic was bad, didn't get there until 9.

went to chicken noodle place but it wasn't open. so went to roast duck place. he didn't have roast duck but the same beef rice dish. he won't try any food i like.

drop me off home at 11. had sex. he went to work. i went to sleep until 4. he came back at 5. we rushed to hospital. didn't get there until 6:30.

want take more days off but lao ma won't let me so i could only take tonight off.

met with cousin and looked at a house after we came back. the house was a lil small and a lil expensive.

decided to do hotpot again. went there at 9. he was so tired.

cousin and a lang came to the house to hang out and fill out the form. they were watching a movie and i went to take a shower. they left after i came out.

lil fat woke up and we watched tv. had sex. cooked leftover food.