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2013-02-28 07:25:45 (UTC)

Hot Tears

As I slept hot tears streamed down my eyes, the burning sensation against my cheeks woke me up and I realised I was crying. I woke up and tried to figure out why I was crying. I then meticulously played back all that happened the previous day and the most significant thing I did was speak to a debt management company about how best to restructure my finances as my liabilities (personal and household) are just too much and beyond my income. I earn above average income but my liabilities are also above average! Unfortunately I have a soon to be ex-wife that wants to see me ruined financially. The guy I spoke with (bless him) broke my heart. He told me I may not have too many options than to declare bankruptcy or go on a full debt programme and this will involve so many things like closing all my bank accounts etc. I sank back against the chair I sat on as I listened to him. All I have built up all my working life has disintegrated and completely decimated as I contemplate a life of debt recovery. I also spoke directly to one or two of my creditors and they informed me that my credit file would be affected for the next 10-12 years! I was so devastated. So here I am, bankrupt and an impeding failed marriage. There is no hiding from the fact that I have failed and woefully at that. That was why I had those hot tears. I wiped them and went back to sleep hoping the tears will cease for a while as I needed the rest.