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2013-02-28 07:09:15 (UTC)


Live always deals you a hand….there is no running away from it…once you sit down at the poker table you have to play. Get your cards and get on with it…over time you will get good and bad cards, you will win and lose and experience highs and lows. The winners are the players that deal with all the different emotions best and they also get lucky. You always need a bit of luck. You need to learn the rules of engagement and discover what works for you, the more rules you understand the better you will get at manipulating the rules. The sooner you identify a pattern the sooner you can learn how to take advantage of that pattern as it reoccurs. You are really playing against yourself not against other players. Yes sometimes you may get competitive or try to cheat but you are best served to concentrate on your own game. As you understand the game better you add more rules to your list, the more you stick to your rules the more disciplined you get and the more structure you put into your game. You then develop good habits. The key is not to get carried away during a winning streak and not get too despondent when the losses accumulate. There is place for emotions at the table but it must have a scope and be controlled and not let it loose like a wild animal otherwise the game will punish you. People are watching you and are ready to pounce at any opportunity they detect frailties in your game. You may get away with some bad play but sometimes a lesser mistake may end up in big losses. When you get bad cards you just manage them and play them out as much as you can, that’s the nature of the game. I currently have bad cards…..