Experienced Life
2013-02-27 21:42:29 (UTC)

Sports bar outing

Our group had a happy hour at this Sports bar called Players. It was fun. Food, beer, darts, foosball, pool. There were some newbies that came tonight. Nice eye candy. It was great playing games. I'm not bad at these things so I won every game of pool, darts, and foosball. It's not sex but it does give me a high. The thrill of victory and all that crap.

This guy challenged me to foosball. I said ok, let play. The guys that know me laughed and said good luck to the other guy. They know I'm a sandbagger. There was a time during my younger days that I picked up on anything and got good at it really quick. I'm an old fart now and body is failing me but I still got enough oomph to get me by. lol

The newbie didn't know my name and when I offered her some of my buffalo wings, she said thanks. Then she said thank you sir. I replied just after she left the table and I said "what? Sir?! So that means no sex?!". I made two of the ladies that were sitting next to me laugh and spit out their drinks almost choking with laughter.

I had fun. Not quite sex but winning at anything is effing A! I played my buddy pool and everyone pretty much was watching coz is was winding down. So I beat my buddy 8 ball with 6 of his balls still on the table. When it comes to games like these, they hate playing with me. What makes it worse is I'm so polite when I win and I killem with kindness saying things like I got really lucky and they let me win. Bullshit like that.

Tonight was fun. Home safe and sound now. :)

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