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2013-02-23 02:49:46 (UTC)

2/23/13 Sat

High as fuck again. Told him I'll hang out with customer tmrw. He is not happy. Home ate can food. Kind fighting with him.

In the morning, He keep touching annoyed and raised voice at him. He went to work around noon.

Left house at 4, rushing to hospital to pick up tron's sedatives but already late. So called dada to get it for me.

Ulta shopped a while bought on sale CHI iron. Target made payment. Drove home.

Dada came. Got my med. Drop off a fd. Decided to eat hotpot. long line at Hotpot Garden so went to the Pot.

Drop me off at work. Made a bet I only have 2 tables.

Biz bad. I really only had 2. One was teddy. Didn't get paid. Dada came at 12, worried he would wait for me but he left.