Musaveer Abbas

My Life
2013-01-10 21:10:20 (UTC)

Alamdar Road Blasts

Today Quetta was hitting by three deadly blasts

1st blast occurred at Mizan choke when i was drawing money from Askari Bank ATM near Mission choke. I see a smoke and dust rising from incident site and people were hurriedly closing their shop shutters and run away from here.

2nd blast hits Pearl Choke,Alamdar Road in which a suicide attacker blown himself in an underground snooker club

3rd blast targets rescuers team in the same site, after hearing the news of 2nd blast i was in the roof of our home and trying to locate the blast. suddenly a very huge blast hits same site i see a mashroom clouds of blast this was terrifying. Due to this blast electric lines are badly damaged and we left in dark for next three hours. This was also suicide attack in which terrorist planted bomb inside the ambulance
After these deadly blasts Pearl Chock was named as "shuhada choke"

It is difficult to tell the exact casualties of these blasts but it is confirm that shuhadas are more than 117

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