emotionally violent...
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2001-10-10 09:41:08 (UTC)


this is crazy, i still feel weird writing in this,
especially when its stuff no one normally hears... i saw
superchunk last night, they were awesome, i got to see
lloyd, it was nice as i hadnt seen him in a while, idlewild
supported them in a tiny club, it was real funny as they
are so huge, yet as they love the 'chunk so much they
supported. there was lots of annoying idiots with strokes
shirts on, i wasnt happy.

andy told me that my copy of the yaphett kotto lp has
arrived, hell yeah, emo to the max.

im looking forward to the planes mistaken for stars show,
its going to kill, especially when they play that first one
from the 2nd ep, total ultimate song for my last
relationship... emo and all that crap.

the word emo, why do i embrace it so throughly when i
despie it and all its stands for? especially in this day of
age, i mean do the kids even know who Indian Summer are?
well? do they?