2013-02-26 00:28:07 (UTC)

What You Know

"What You Know" by Two Door Cinema Club

Sometimes, I just wonder; i wonder if the people I know only care because they want me to listen to them.

I wasn't in a talkative mood today. I wasn't feeling anything. The people around me talked A LOT. Like nonstop. Sometimes, in my mind, I would say, "Will you please shut the fuck up before I kill you?"

But the annoyance faded quickly just like every other emotion I felt today. Happiness? For two seconds. Sadness? Bleh. Maybe a minute.

truth be told, i was glad everyone felt talkative. It made me feel more payed attention to than usual, I kind of felt bad because I was on autopilot; Mostly "mmhmms" and "yea"s.

Today is just the beginning. Mother leaves for her home country on the tenth, and then I will spend three weeks alone with my father. which means nothing good seeing as he's

1) sarcastic

2) and lacks empathy.

He also patronizes me which isn't fun. I tried too hard.

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been making sense to other people lately. it's funny, everything in my head makes so much sense.

I'm waiting.

Nothing else matters.