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2013-02-25 11:37:13 (UTC)

Am I worth it...BLACK OUT

Am I worth it....BLACK OUT
Am I worth it... Am I am I
Just telling Imma I still that innocent little girl when I was young
I woke up at3:45 am this morning
It's a normal thing but, I was soo tired like I didn't get any sleep
Today wasn't mine cuz I had go to school ... People were asking me how was my week off???and I didn't want to start talking.... I tired to ignore them, but they didn't want to leave me alone ... I told myself I wouldn't put anything on here!!! Until i gottan betrer again And I was lying to myself once again; I was at lunch wasn't in a good place & my friend was happy like on cloud nine
Am I worth this sadness, am I
All I want is to cry & cut my skin in so deep that I don't have to feel this pain & guilt anymore
Am I pretty, am Iovebly am I worth it... Really??? Am I, I really need to know
My friends from school say ' let go' but how??
But I'm broken ...
I'm not your typical gurl I'm depressed for eight months & I have way to much drama to keep to myself
Oh yea fuckin forgotten I'm a lesbain
I did cry today I cried & cried after school than they would notice that I'm broken
So I I worth it, to staying ALIVE am I; tell me ??
This are my BLACK OUTS