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2013-02-25 12:29:59 (UTC)

2/24/13 Sun

pink me up to go Ruby; got in this time :D stayed until closing.

daly city house to pick up tron and car. got raped!

stopped at Dennys; wasn't happy about the food. never again eating at Dennys

woke up by his phone calls. charged my phone and saw J's texts and got mad. yelled at lil fat. he told me to move before he left. got mad again decided to leave. packed some stuffs but calmed down.

he came back and we made up. had sex. dinner at oakland, his fd's mom's restaurant. wasn't happy about the hotpot since i've been having good buffet hotpot. his fd came too.

drop him off at mj house. went up too. his fd called him to go 龙宫. he asked me if i want go. got pissed again.

Walmart bought crate and pad. home watch tv and browse online. taking a day off is good especially when biz is so slow.