Experienced Life
2013-02-25 00:09:40 (UTC)

Another mellow day

Didn't do much today. Texted Heidi (the one that spent the night). We liked the crab fest so much, we were thinking of holding one ourselves just with the group. It would be cheaper but I'd have to front the money for the crab. I think I have enough room to host 30 families? Dunno. I'm still thinking, I wish my friend zone female friends weren't so damn pretty. It's just more torture for the guy. lol

Got an invite for dinner today. So I went to another friend from my group and a few of my friends and I had dinner. It was ok and we got to talk about some higher level thinking. That's what you get when a teacher invites you for dinner. lol

The ex is still texting stupid things. I don't even bother to respond. I'm still mad at her for taking the kids. I wish I could tell her to fuck off and that I'm with someone beautiful but I can't coz I'm all alone. I'm still pissed about the boy since I had it all set up for him to catch up to his proper English reading/writing level. But fuck it, I won't have to deal with another future gang banger. That's on her now.

I'm thinking about getting an inflatable kayak. I want to get ready for summer when we go camping. Never owned one so I want to give it a try. Maybe do some fishing too. It's not cheap though. The one I want is 500 bucks. Do I need it? Hell no. Do I want it and will I get it? Probably so. haha. Why the fuck not. I may as well spend it before another freaking bill caused by the ex creeps up my way again.

So, not much in drama nor love life. Till next time