Experienced Life
2013-02-23 21:20:40 (UTC)

Had fun last night

Went to a crab fest last night with my single parent's group. It was so much fun. I also got to speak a little one-on-one with some of the guys and gals. That's when they open up to me and tell me all sorts of things. I learned a lot of things. Lots of people confide in me and tell me their thoughts and feelings. It's nice that they confide in me. It does make me feel good about myself that people trust me enough and open up to me to discuss their feelings.

Anyway, the crab was delish. One of our group members brought butter warmers and all the tools for cracking and picking at it. I pigged out and watched people dance after. I'm not a dancer so I got to watch my friends have at it. It was still fun watching everyone. There was alcohol too of course. We did laugh where they were charging four bucks for a glass of wine. The thing is the wine was two buck chucks. So, one glass of wine for 4 bucks was paying for two bottles. lol It was a fund raiser so it was ok.

It was a little sad though. We single parents all noticed that everyone there was a couple. We all even said something about it. So I guess it was a little depressing for us. I guess that's part of being single.

We carpooled so we drove back to my place to pick up everyone's cars. One of the guys and gals hung out at my place for some after dinner drinks. After awhile, the guys said he was leaving. The lady "friend zone" said she was too buzzed to go home. So I let her sleep in my bedroom and I slept on the couch. Nothing happened (shucks). She is beautiful and sexy. She even asked to borrow one of my shirts to go to sleep. All the makings to a beautiful romantic night but without any sex. haha.So I guess I pretty much solidified the "friend zone" with her. Sigh.

There's more. I'll post again. It's about the ex and my thoughts.