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2013-02-23 20:52:21 (UTC)

Destinee & Me

Destinee & Me
Really?!? Can't sleep but I'm okay with it...
I'm glad the week is almost over but not ready for SCHOOL
Thinking, sorry?!? I my friend destinee has a game today...I wish I was there to cheer for her ...
I came very close to her over this last semester in high school& but the only difference between her & my ex friend that she didn't leave me hurting soo BAD
Yea when I told nay nay the truth who I am, she was surprised but wasn't judgement about it...
We talk this whole damn! Week and I liked it... But besides the conversations of random stuff, I also had three sex dreams
Yea you, heard it right sex dreams... It was intense but very entertaining to my imagination in the earlier hours of dawn..
I love those dreams about us, even thou I know it's NEVER EVER going to happen in real life
Soo anyway
I love her so much I think of her a lot that I can't think of any thing real important like do the basic things in my life
Oh yes I do fall in love fasted!
~~~~~~~~Within that my family doesn't know ?? Soo yay!!! Only friends from school & my childhood friend knows its good
Ohh yea still can't sleep ugh.. I'm might regrets about this in a few hours ohh damn well!?!
I'm young .... Lets see what's else say? Mmm...
Ohh fuck it!
See you later...:/^_^