my diary
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2013-02-23 04:08:11 (UTC)

a story wroten by me

A long time ago there was a girl and a boy who were best friends. The girls name was Cheyenne and the boys name was Dakota. They had the same classes in 5th grade. Well needless to say how it is in all story's Cheyenne started to fall in love with Dakota. Cheyenne saw she couldn't have him because he started dating this girl named mckayla. one day when they were in the hall chey walked up and hugged Dakota and then his gf came around the coner and said "what are u doing hugging on my bf go hug yours you little whore." Cheyenne looked at her and she was a shy person she stayed to her self and her friends. Cheyenne said " look here he is my friend if u have a problem with that then u can go on with your self because he will pick his friends over his gf any day and I know that for a fact because I am his best friend so before you start running your fucking mouth watch it before I hit you in the face and black your eye and bust your lip." Every on in the hall way looked at chey and said "did u really just do that?" then his gf said " at least I can do this and u cant." then she kissed im on the mouth. chey looked at him and was upset she said " well idc if u can do that u know what at least I don't sleep with every guy I can get" every one looked at her and was surprised and shocked. then out of no where the teacher came around the coner. the teacher looked at them and said "whats going on here?" makyla said "Cheyenne hit me and I said she didn't need to so she keep hitting me." Cheyenne looked up and said "no I didn't u can ask Dakota and everyone else." so the teacher said " is this the truth did Cheyenne hit mackyla?" Dakota looked up at Cheyenne then at makyla and said " no mam its not true Cheyenne didn't hit mckyal that's a lie." every one else said the same thing. so chey didn't get in troble only makyla. makyla and Dakota broke up and the school year went on fast. finally the school year ended

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