always wth love

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2013-02-23 05:58:36 (UTC)

The real me!! Me!Me!

Hey,your girl Emily is here!!
Real name is Ciara but wants to change it!!
Dumb show but I'm kinda bored soo umm well I'm watching it anyway
It's catfish the tv show...
It's a aha & a lol moment in one....
I'm reconnecting with someone,but I'm also lesbian
I' can truly say I have ONE strong friend yea!!
Oh yea I'm 18 n' I have a lot of secrets from the summer & from the family
This is the real me
Ummm depressed since 7/9/12 & now have massive headaches,ugh
My friendship changed with Stacy has changed....we haven't spoken since than, ugh
But my strong friend Destinee is GREAT
So I'm happy to have her in my life