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2013-02-22 04:03:16 (UTC)

2/20/13 wed

Got drunk. Took k on way home. Dont remember much. Cried.

Woke up at 9 to go pee. One lash was off so took off mkp and shower. Went back to sleep.

He went to work. I had to take tron for xray. His fd came to house at 1 to go with me. So tired.

Home got tron then hospital. Had to wait one hour so ate xiao long bao next door.

It turned out that Tron broke the metal. The first surgery failed. I should have stayed home and took care of him but how could I. My poor dog.

Drop him off home. Decided to get more stuffs. Took the small tv and laptop. Stopped at BN on way back to Fremont. couldn't find the makeup book.

Set up tv. Dinner at sha bistro again. This time the food wasn't that good. Finished at 8:30, so came back to Fremont house. Couldn't decide if go work or go with dada to pm.

Late for work. Biz slow so ask him to come get me. Pm was crowded. K made the time go by faster. Dada asked me to go with him as always. I used tron as excuse. drop me off home. wait for lil fat to get me. talked to gaylo-he was staying the night there.

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