always wth love

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2013-02-22 20:09:23 (UTC)

Good morning :/

Good morning
Ummm..I text my crush up to midnight ... If you don't who my friend than whatever...
So I love this feeling of my high love crush, so I'm don't want any bull soo
Can't sleep ugh... Everyone we t bed but me ohh well
Oh yea I'm luv with Rihanna music mmmm
What I'm saying is so fuckin horny
My emotions are crazy right now,.., I know after High school I'll be more bored ugh I hate school is almost over now that I found a friend ... But I need to move forward but I hope me & my crush destinee are still going be close ... I'll be probably more depression than Im already am
Well its12:20 am
I should haul myself to sleep, but really what us sleep; we NOT going be using it in the afterlife so why do we need I just want know I'm course about it that's all...
Well it's now 12:22am
Well better go now before I get caught