The Real Me
2013-02-22 00:32:26 (UTC)


I am so fascinated and Intrigued by Ryan....I just dont know why. Everything about him is really screaming for my fascination. It is scaring me a little because I just want to know more and more. Hes like this piece of art that I just want to unravel..and the more Im near him the more I cant help but stare at him with just wander...which I think he may start noticing if I dont stop. But ive never felt such fascination before. And hes poetic..and loves soul and blues and emo stuff. I think hes...15 year old version of me maybe thats why. Because his presence just consumes me. Its like...I want his attention. But I dont know exactly what I want from him. I think I want him to just tell me everything about him, only then will I be satisfied. And the worst part is that...hes like another andreas well ok fine not like that but hes a kid, like I have this mixure of feelings for him it ranges from hes so cute, I feel over protective, I actually find him endearing like I want to look after him to I want his attention..I wonder what it would be like to kiss him. This is hard to admit...this is hard to write incase someone reads this. He has something...I want to take. Oh wow great just figured it out...his vulnerability.


I am so fascinated and attracted by creativity that I cannot stop obsessing because you represent the person I used to be....before I became a manufactured product of society. And I cant help but want to know more