2013-01-24 06:57:55 (UTC)

Body Rock

I'm going to school again, journal.
Lots of things has changed...
Phil doesn't like me still.
I don't take vocal lessons anymore.
I like Josh now, journal.
Josh Rincy? The brown dude.
He reminds me of the dark kid from Legend of the Seeker. The one who wanted the Flower Girl. He wanted to be friends with her. I think they totally have the chance...

If I was a confessor, I would never confess anyone. Their powers are always present. Always. So I'd have to hold it in. I think I could do that....I hold in everything all the time.

But to unleash eternal ecstasy on the person I truly love.
I gotten over Ahmed and Jiggy, journal.
It's only Phil, Josh, and Mohsin.

And it sucks. A lot.
Journal, you work wonders for me. And I pledge to work wonders for others...