always wth love

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2013-02-21 14:05:57 (UTC)


Yesterday was a sad day I couldn't stop sobbing; ever so often my eyes were burn because of the tears,it gotten so bad that I was think of do suicide.., Many moments ( i have texted)my only friend destinee well break me out of it & bring me back down it help, days now NO headaches
Ummm no sobbing, but just very hard cuz Im in love but she not in love me in the same way so it's hard.. So I try to think of something else so I don't feel the long lasted crush,ugh, but she knows me well I'm great full for that...
I still have depression but I'm learning to keep it under control so I'm okay for now
Damn!?!:/ headaches are forcing back ugh, ohh well..
Ohh yea yesterday----
Or I should say Tuesday it was still sad day in this week, I text my kinda friend Vivian & well it's always the same saying nothing really knew,ugh
But I don't think I'm worthier to keep her, but I don't know I'm just confused all the time ugh...