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2013-02-20 21:50:38 (UTC)

Mindless rambling

What do I do now? I work. I play. I hang out with friends. I do the daily duties in life. I'm not really upset. Not really depressed. Just the same old same old. I work hard and play just as hard. I'm doing my hobbies. Buying fun things. Tweaking my auto to make it cool. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? yeah.

Even the blue balls situation is bearable. I thought is was physically impossible for a man not to have sex after a certain amount of days but I guess I was wrong. lol

I seem to be at a crossroad mentally. It's like I'm at a fork on the road. Still got awhile to go to get somewhere but not quite sure where that somewhere is at the moment.

Somehow someway, I always seem to have enough cash to get by even when I get shitty news for some stupid bill that my ex had a hand in. Work is fine. It's fun and challenging.

Anyway, today I got my suv lighting fixed. My HID lights were acting up and needed a part. I don't know if I ever mentioned it but it's a Ford Explorer. Bought it so I can go camping and to drive my friends around since it sits 7. Good for hauling stuff too including my 5x10 trailer. I tweaked the interior with blue led lights for the dome lights. I installed blue lights under the seats so it looks cool sitting in there. In the front of my bull grill, I installed two LED offroad lights. Of course, a double din stereo that plays DVDs. Reverse camera was a must. Next month, I'll install under carriage lighting on both driver and passenger sides and on the rear too. So when I unlock the doors with my remote, it will light up under my SUV. Do I need all that stuff? Hell no but it looks so cool seeing it. haha. Needless to say, I'm becoming good friends with the owner of the custom auto lighting shop.

I'll be starting dart league again soon. I practiced a little this week. I'm so rusty. I suck so bad right now. I better get my ass in gear coz someone asked me to play with them this season. They think their getting the old me. Little do they know I suck right now.

I know I shouldn't be feeling this good since the ex took the kids but I seem to be doing fine. I'm feeling a little guilty because aren't I suppose to feel terrible? Instead, I'm really saving money, doing better at work, and having fun with friends. House is cleaner. Finally have the time to catch up on all my "to dos".

My meals have taken a step up. Not much top ramen or spam and rice anymore. Now I'm eating porterhouse, tri tip, t bone, wine, and micro brewed beer, crab, lobster, oysters. lol. Oddly enough, my weight hasn't changed. I didn't lose any but didn't gain any.

Enough babbling about non important things. That's all I seem to experience lately. Sorry, no juicy stories about my dramatic life tonight.

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