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2013-02-20 19:30:47 (UTC)

Woman can be so funny.

Last picnic I was approached by the two woman that turned me down when I asked them out a week or two ago. Funny how they can be. I got turned down so politely backed off and gave them space. I was still nice and did the typical hi/bye and how are you small chit chat stuff. Other than that, I leave them alone.

So what do they do? They start coming to me and start trying to have a conversation. I thought they didn't want to go out with me? So why when I leave them alone, then they come and start hitting on me? I'd rather just them keep it at hi/bye or how are you?

I'm too old for games. I have hundreds of friends. Don't want me? That's ok, no harm no foul but don't fuck with me with "wanting me to be close but not that close" bit. I can carry a conversation and we always have our laughs discussing almost anything or any subject. If you want to be alone, then fine. I will leave you alone. Just don't come with these mixed signals.

At least my Ex was consistent with her evil ways. I give her credit for that. She consistently screwed me over again and again. At least she always showed her stripes. lol

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