my entity
2001-10-10 09:35:45 (UTC)

insane cruelty*

hmmm... this was usually my ident in the IRC but I just
thought of creating an entry about it coz i know there are
a lot of insane people out there that cant explain or
described how they feel and how insane they are! hehehe :p

well almost done with my work here and thanks gonna go home finally...after all the thoughts
that have passed my mind concerning aspects of this damn
cruel life! nah... oopsss.. i shouldn't have said that coz
i know deep inside, LIFE IS GOOD! LOLz

i just wonder if i could attend a gig this coming
weekened....nah.."asa ka pa" aheheheh..oh well...i just
hope so coz in any lessen my thoughts and frees mah
mind from thinking about that LIFE! hehehe where all i do
is just to dance like drunk lady ( but im not really into
drinking )....

gotta go..ciao!

5:44 PM