Time of my life
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2013-02-20 15:56:03 (UTC)


It's been so long since I didn't write in here

Guy's if you can read this
-What is a dream for you?
*is this keep you happy or sad?
*can it be your guide to the future?
*how did you start dreaming about things?

Today I realize I have a big dream a goal
It's a goal that pretty simple but it's
really hard to get ..

Today I just wake up without saying the word THANK YOU
If I only can see that person who made me weak and also
who made me pick a choice a choice that really hard to decide
but I only need to choose one..
maybe If I could only saw him he will realize that he made a big
mistake , maybe he will say sorry for doing that..
But do you all know that I couldn't see that person anymore
I don't know if he's still exist in this world I don't where is he?
Am I unfair to him..
Do you know the feeling that the person who gave you life is
also the person who want to kill you :'<<
But when I think about that I just smile you know why
cuz even I don't know he's face look like , he still giving me
a strong inspiration to live this world ..
it's been 16 yrs since I was a young baby girl ..
I just wonder is he safe ..:'(

Btw today I have a good day not really that good
I feel really down , as in down like I can't even breath
because of what happen can we all guy's have a peace of mind
and lead our dreams into future ..

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