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2013-02-20 05:16:54 (UTC)

I'd no purpose

I'd no purpose
Ummm...I don't know why I'm here,or even in high school
I mean the people ask me; a questions what are you are you going do; after high school.... I'm just asking why do people ask that question soo..
I mean my friend or non- so friend ? I'm so confused that I have NO words to explain myself ugh....
I thought when I wrote this dairy entires I would make some friends, but I really haven't made any in that matter; soo I guess I did make friends from school but not one I can get close to...I mean I'm so LOSTED
I mean I found out. Last summer in 2012 I was a lesbian I been distance about everything & so within that I have been depression for eight months and alot of other things, ugh
So right now,I just don't know anymore mmmm
Can you help me!!.. This year is hard
Am I misunderstanding or just lost in general..