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2013-02-19 23:39:50 (UTC)

Week 13

Monday AM:
If you are going to act like a big baby then you are going to be treated like one. At all possible times today you must suck on your big pacifier. At work, you may keep your office door closed, but unless there is actually someone in your office with you, you will be sucking on your pacifier. And you must actually suck on it like a baby, not just hold it in your mouth. You will do this while driving to and from work and continue it at home.
Monday PM:
You may go to the bathroom upon arriving home, but just that once. During the rest of the evening you are to drink at least two liters of liquids. You may not pee again. Rather, at 9pm you will put on a diaper and get into bed. You may then pee as freely and often as you like. But you must remain in the diaper and in bed. This goes for your morning pee as well; it must be done still in bed and in your diaper.
It will be very awkward and difficult to do this at first. But if we make you do it long enough, it will become much easier until, eventually, you will do it without even thinking. Then he real fun begins, because if you stop wearing the diaper to bed, you will likely start wetting the bed. That is what will happen if we choose to force you to diaper train long enough. We haven’t decided yet. You might want to consider adjusting your attitude if you want to avoid this ultimate degradation.

Tuesday AM:
Keep your legs spread as wide as possible while working today. Sit with your legs spread as far as your chair will allow you to. Keep them spread that far all day. Whores should always demonstrate their availability.
Tuesday PM:
It is time for a much needed spanking tonight. You will deliver 50 swats with the paddle to your fat ass. You will next give yourself 50 swats with your hairbrush to each ass cheek. And finally you will give yourself 15 swats to each cheek with your bath brush. Your ass should be bruised and throbbing by the time you’re done. Additionally, you will continue your diaper training tonight. Drink at least two liters and only pee in your diaper once in bed.

Wednesday AM:
Let’s warm that ass up again before work today and make sure you get the full benefit of last night’s spanking. Before leaving for work today you will use your heavy bath brush and give each ass cheek another 20 hard strokes. Then today at work you will handwrite “I am a naughty baby and I deserve to be spanked” 200 times.
Wednesday PM:
Quickly eat dinner and then get to work. From 6pm to 9pm you will write nonstop. You will write over and over again “I am a naughty baby who wears diapers and needs to be punished.” Write it for the full three hours and do not stop no matter how tired and sore your hand gets. Write neatly because this assignment will be reviewed and you will be severely punished for sloppiness. Suck on your pacifier while you are doing this as well. At 9pm, stop and put on your diaper and go to bed.

Thursday AM:
Today you are on a liquid only diet. You may eat no solid foods at all. Consume only liquids and you can only drink them out of a baby bottle! Even at work, you can close the door to your office, but you must drink out of a baby bottle. You may not take so much as one sip from a water fountain or you will be punished severely.
Thursday PM:
Your baby bottle diet continues this evening. When you are not sucking on a bottle, you must be sucking on your pacifier. Additionally, you will strip, cuff your ankles together, cuff your wrists together, and thus hobbled get down on your hands and knees and crawl around. You will crawl from your front door to the further corner of your bedroom closet and touch the corner with your nose. Then turn around and crawl back, touching the front door with your nose. You will do this, back and forth, 50 times. You will not only suck on your pacifier while doing this, you will also wear your diaper. When you are done, you will take a picture of yourself – naked, on your hands and knees, diapered, sucking on your pacifier, and holding a bottle. Set the picture as your wallpaper on your computer and phone. Have one last bottle and then go to bed in your diaper. Fat, ugly, baby.

Friday AM:
Wear a skirt to work today and no panties. Bring a single clothespin with you, the plastic kind with the serrated teeth. At 9am sharp you will spread your legs and attach the clothespin to your clit. You will leave it on for a full 15 minutes, regardless of who comes into your officer or if you have to get up and walk around. Keep it on! It should not be visible under your skirt. You will remove it after 15 minutes. You will reattach it for 15 minutes every hour while at work – 10am, 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm. The pain to your clit should grow decidedly worse with every reapplication. At 5pm you will attach it and drive home with it on your clit. Embrace the pain, you deserve to suffer.
Friday PM:
You may now remove the clothespin from your pathetic clit. Attach it to our septum and wear it there the rest of the night until bedtime. You will, of course, continue your diaper training tonight. Additionally, you will spend one hour with your clover clamps on your nipples. You will hang 2 pounds of weight from the connecting chain. You will walk around nonstop during that hour so the weight pulls and hurts your nipples as much as possible.

Clean yourself up and get ready for our arrival. Today is your chance to convince us whether your diaper training should continue for another week or not. You will have two hours to convince us and one implement, the cane. You must demonstrate your willingness to suffer for us and to inflict your suffering by your own hand. For two hours you will beat yourself with the cane. You may target anywhere on your body you wish and use whatever amount of force you want. The amount of pain you are willing to inflict on yourself while we watch will be the sole factor we use in determining whether to continue your diaper training. Don’t do a good enough job and you will be sleeping in and wetting your diaper for at least another week.

Despite my efforts at beating myself with the cane, my Master and Mistress were not impressed. When they told me that I would be diaper training for another week I protested. That was a mistake. One more week immediately became a month. I was devastated and begged for a reprieve, but to no avail. On the contrary, the more I expressed my misery, the happier they were to impose it.
They of course decided to expand my use of the diaper. I am scarcely allowed to use the toilet in m house at all. I have to immediately put a diaper on when I get home from work and wear it all night, while sleeping, and during the morning. I have sadly gotten used to it and hardly even notice peeing in it anymore. In fact, when I’m at work I have to make an effort not to pee in my pants. On the weekends I have to wear it all day and night. Even when going out, I have to wear it under my clothes. I constantly feel gross and humiliated.
I permanently have my pacifier with me. If it’s not in my mouth, it’s hanging around my neck or concealed in my purse. At least one day a week I am relegated to drinking from baby bottles. Because my ass and pussy are less accessible, my tits have been the focus of a great deal of pain and torture. They are always covered in bruises and welts. Hardly a day goes by when I am not ordered to hurt them in some way.
My Master and Mistress have not yet told me when my diaper training will end. They have speculated about the high likelihood of my wetting the bed if allowed to sleep without a diaper. Master suggested I might have to start sleeping in the bathtub while learning to control myself like a big girl again. They have given me several chances to beg for an end to this torture, but I think they do it more to watch my suffering and humiliation. So far no end is in sight and they are constantly coming up with new ideas to make my condition worse. As of tomorrow I am no longer allowed to use the toilet to pee at work. I must either wear a diaper to work or try to hold it until I get home and put a diaper on. Just when I thought my debasement couldn’t get any worse…